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Handmade wooden anal plug, designed and manufactured in the Arctic Circle under the Analis Borealis, finished with a non-toxic lacquer.

Teatiamo products are handcrafted masterpieces designed for your pleasure. Sex is a beautiful, natural and aesthetic part of our lives. Sexuality is not something dark and dirty: It is fun and straightforward. Teatiamo products are natural and safe sex toys made out of wood. It is a sustainable choice to have Teatiamo Arctic Anal plug at your home.

Large plug length12 cm
Large plug max diameter4,8 cm
Slim plug length15 cm
Slim plug max diameter3,5 cm

Teatiamo Anal Plugs are chemical-free lifepartners, resistant to gaze and use. They bring you stimulation and joy to your sexual moments. Teatiamo Anal Plug is safe and healthy choice compared to synthetic options.

Arctic Anal plug

The anal plugs are made of laminated blanks from birch. The laminated wood is a strong and ideal material for gun stocks. However Teatiamo makes love not war so now for the first time in history these blanks are used for sex toys and for your pleasure.

Teatiamo was born out of a desire to break boundaries related to sexuality. We also wanted to design something timeless and beautiful. Sex is a natural and aesthetic part of our lives, not something dark and dirty.

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