Teatiamo Plugs

Wooden Teatiamo Plugs are designed in the Arctic Circle under the Aurora Borealis. These beautiful and deliberately designed masterpieces come in two models, Slim and Large, and are a superb combination of fulfilling sensation and timeless beauty.

Teatiamo products are luxurious, natural and safe, made of the most natural and luscious material, wood. In addition to the heavenly pleasure the products can create, they also offer a sustainable and ethical choice for a conscious consumer.

Large plug length12 cm
Large plug max diameter4,8 cm
Slim plug length15 cm
Slim plug max diameter3,5 cm

Teatiamo Anal Plugs are chemical-free lifepartners, resistant to gaze and use. Teatiamo Anal Plug is a safe, healthy and sustainable choice.

Rainbow Collection

The products of the Rainbow Collection are inspired by the northern lights, Aurora Borealis. They are made of laminated Finnish veneer blanks. The laminated birch is a strong and ideal material for intimacy products, albeit it is traditionally used for gun stocks.

Teatiamo was born out of a desire to break boundaries related to sexuality. We also wanted to design something timeless and beautiful. Sex is a natural and aesthetic part of our lives, not something dark and dirty.