Birch Anal Plug


These beautiful unique pieces are designed and made in Finnish Lapland under Analis Borealis. The material is Finnish Birch

These wooden anal plugs are chemical-free lifepartners, resistant to gaze and use. Birch plugs brings you stimulation and joy whenever you want. Teatiamo Arctic Anal is safe and sustainable choice for sextoy. 
As a material wood is hard, but different spiecesof wood represent different energy and softness. Birch is considered as a symbolic of beginnings and starting over. Birch also stands for regeneration, hope and new dawns. The birch tree carries ancient wisdom and yet appears forever young.

Ancient Europeans also hold the birch as a symbol of heart and home. Bringing in twigs inside the home is a physical intention of invoking people.  Symbolic meaning of Birch continues with the Gauls who used birch twigs in marriage ceremonies. Traditionally branches would be lit during marriage as a sign of good luck and an omen for a long happy marriage.
Technical Product Information
Care Instructions

Teatiamo Butt Plugs are designed and made in Rovaniemi, Finland by the Arctic Circle. Our plugs are all unique and handmade.

Approximate Measurements

  • Length
    • 15 cm
  • Diameter
    • 3,5 cm

Material information

  • Finnish birch
  • High-solid acryl clear coat*

*The final products are finished with Mipa 2K-HS-Klarlack CC 9. It is a VOC-compliant High-Solid acrylic clearcoat for full and partial paintworks on cars and commercial vehicles and provides a particularly brilliant finish and an optimal flow on solvent- or water-based basecoats. The surface prevents moist and dirt. You can wash these products by hand – not in a washing machine.

Finishing works well with oil, water and silicone lubricants. After use, simply rinse the product with water and dry it off. With good care and proper maintenance wood can last forever.

Despite full confidence in the safety of our designs, please use the products responsibly and at your own risk.

For any questions: teatiamofin(at)