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Wooden Dildos

Teatiamo dildos are our flagship products, handcrafted design masterpieces which are designed with a mission: sex is a beautiful, natural and aesthetic part of our lives.

Our dildos are made with various materials ranging from classic birch, oak and walnut to more comtemporary coloured plywood. Teatamo dildos are all handmade and designed in Rovaniemi, Finland.

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Anal Plugs

Teatiamo Arctic Anal plugs are designed and made in Finnish Lapland under the Analis Borealis. Material is designed and developed in Finland.

Our plugs are made with modern plywood used traditionally on rifle butts. Teatiamo Arctic Anal plugs come in various colours. Limited editions are also available for certain periods of time.

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Teatiamo Story

Teatiamo started its journey in January 2016. Teatiamo was born out of an urge to break boundaries related to sexuality and at the same time design something timeless and beautiful. The founder and designer Tea Latvala wanted to break some of the taboos that still hang over us. Sexuality is shaped by old traditions, values and believes; it being still a tabu and something that is considered to take place behind closed doors. Sex should be elegant, sensual and natural born right. You should praise it. Tea is bringing sexy back.

Teatiamo products and brand are all about learning to accept and love yourself.

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