Featured @ Cereal Entrepreneur

@tealatvala: ”The idea for @TEATIAMO was born out of an urge to break boundaries related to sexuality and at the same time design something timeless and beautiful. Sex should be elegant, sensual and natural born right. You should praise it.
At TEATIAMO, we design, produce and sell design sex toys made out of wood, stone and glass. As a startup trying to build my business from Finland (5,5mm people) I was able to reach 1mm of them during the this summer via different media and tv-presence. TEATIAMO and my wood dildo business was the most read news article in two of the major media channels in my own home country. I am hoping to reach the same amount of people anywhere I go one way or the other. We should make love not war.
Q: Nice, how’s it different from other companies out there doing the same thing?
A: Sexuality and sextoy industry are shaped by old traditions, values and believes; sexuality being still a tabu and something that is considered to take place behind closed doors. TEATIAMO breaks these believes bringing sexy back in daylight. TEATIAMO’s products are so elegant and well thought that you can leave them on the dinner table.
Q: Tell us a funny or embarrassing moment that happened to you as an entrepreneur?
A: Well I could already write a book about how I have been treated as a female sex toy designer. It sure has been a fun journey.
Q: Was your family supportive you when you told them about your plans?
A: Yes, my mom was my first customer.
Q: Who’s is an entrepreneur today that you admire and why?
A: So many young, bright and talented kids out there using the modern sources the way I can only admire. I admire everyone with an entrepreneur spirit when its focused on making this world a better place: happier, more ecological, sexier, funnier, easier, more pleasurable. Do you even remember the time before Tinder, Uber, snapchat or Facebook.