How Teatiamo wooden Dildos and Anal plugs are made?

Picture of production of Teatiamo Anal Plugs in Rovaniemi

Teatiamo products are handcrafted wooden masterpieces. All our products are unique and carefully made for your pleasure.  

First TEATIAMO craftsman uses a CNC machine to sculpture the one block of wood vibe. The process of this for one piece takes 40minutes. After the CNC machine, the wood vibe is always handcrafted, formed and finished with similar shape and our craftsman will smooth the vibe and work on the details by hand. Our craftsman scrubs the wood vibe and makes it smooth and beautiful.

As the finishing we use MIPA non-toxic lacquer. This finishing has been tested for years and makes the surface to prevent moist and dirt.

Finishing works well with oil, water and silicone lubricants. After use, simply rinse the product with water and dry it off. With good care and proper maintenance wood can last forever. 

Teatiamo products and brand are all about learning to accept and love yourself. Teatiamo product is sustainable choise for sextoy. Wood is a natural material, so it’s perfect material for sextoys.

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