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Tea Latvalan puiset design-dildot ovat niin kauniita, että niitä voi pitää esillä olohuoneessa tai vaikka keittiön vitriinissä.

Vuonna 2015 Tea Latvala oli juuri eronnut poikaystävästään. Riitaisa ero oli ottanut voimille ja Tea käveli silloisen Miamin-kotinsa lähikadulla sydän murtuneena.

Kadulla oli meedion ovi, jonka ohi Tea oli useasti kävellyt aiemmin. Ovi oli aina ollut kiinni. Hetken mielijohteesta Tea päätti kuitenkin kokeilla ovea.

Tällä kertaa ovi aukesi.

Lapin Kansa & Uusi Rovaniemi

Hei, soitinkohan oikeaan numeroon, tai siis että oletko sinä se dildonainen? Kysymys putkahtaa suusta ilman harkintaa. Ehkä yrityksenä on rikkoa jäätä, kun asia on niin kuumottava.

”Kyllä, minä se olen”, Tea Latvala vastaa reippaasti nauraen. Hän on vastannut kysymykseen lukuisia kertoja.

Tea Latvala suunnittelee, valmistuttaa, markkinoi ja myy puisia dildoja eli hieromasauvoja Teatiamo Industries -yrityksensä nimissä.

In Finnish Media: Radio Rock

”Teatiamo yritystä pyörittävä Tea Latvala on suunnitellut puisen dildon Mr. Rosewoodin. Latvala kertoi Korporaatiolle, että hän on kasvanut puun parissa sillä hänen vanhempansa toimivat puualalla aikanaan Latvalan synnyinseudulla Kurikassa ja innostus materiaaliin juontaa jo sieltä asti.
Latvala on saanut puudildolleen myös Valtion innovaatiokeskus Tekesin tukea kansainvälisille markkinoille pääsemiseksi. Jakelusopimuksia on tehty jo Latinalaisen Amerikan puolelle ja Latvalan tavoitteena on saada puudildot tulevaisuudessa myyntiin markettien hyllyille.”


TEATIAMO Interview in K-oodi Magazine

Every now and then you come across an idea and you bite your nail – or a pillow – because you didn’t come to think of it yourself. Every so often you also come across a person that simply makes it happen. Meet Tea Latvala, the CEO of Teatiamo Industries. While she has been making it happen ever since I first met her over ten years ago, lately she’s truly been giving people a lesson on what ”sisters doing it for themselves” is all about. Just few months ago she launched Teatiamo, and almost immediately her idea attracted investors.

So, what is the fuss all about? It’s very simple. She designed something others had not thought of: an object that functions as an art piece – one of them could be on the top of your design magazines right beside your bed, perhaps couple of them in a bowl in your living room – and at the same time it can be used to pleasure yourself. Here’s a sex toy you don’t need to hide in your drawer. Teatiamo wooden designs do not scream sex like most adult toys, they are discreet handmade design elements: true crossover products that could revolutionize the way we look and think about sex toys. And even if you never get that itch, it can still serve you well as a piece of art. It’s your secret, out in the open. I had a chance to interview the busy CEO who is currently in Miami, USA, to find new opportunities for her rising brand. 

Where did you get the idea to design luxurious adult toys?

I wanted to design something elegant and timeless – something that would break boundaries between the sex and design industry.

Can you tell us something more about the designs themselves and your thoughts behind them?

It’s all about the design and shape. The shape is smooth, silky and aerodynamic. You can have one or more and pile them up on a table to make it an art piece.

Näyttökuva 2016-02-20 kello 11.19.59

Did you do a lot of research on the history of sex toys, considering wood has been used for similar purposes (though much differently) in the distant past? Or was the process more organic?

I did a lot of research on the history of sex toys. My first idea was to do a Ferrari of sex toys which would have been the same banana shape, but in pure gold with a vibrator. However I didn’t have enough money for the production and testing so I ended up experimenting with wood and found out that it was actually perfect material in many ways.

How has it been so far? What would you consider the best thing about designing luxurious adult toys, and what has been the worst?

Like in everything in life there are pros and cons. For me it is clearly easier to do business outside of Finland. It’s more natural. In Finland it seems no one really takes you seriously before you’ll make it outside of the country, or work with the gaming or computer/IT industry.

Have you been faced with prejudices while trying to market your products, for entering a business that many designers shy away from?

Unfortunately, yes, it’s easier for me to work outside of Finland.

Näyttökuva 2016-02-20 kello 11.19.49

Teatiamo recently became Teatiamo Industries. What are your plans for the future?

At the moment, I have just started a crowdfunding campaign with INDIEGOGO to get more attention and to market the brand here in the U.S. I am also searching for places where I can see my brand in. I already got into one gallery here in Miami and I am negotiating a deal with one hotel. I am moving step by step but my goal is to make TEATIAMO a big brand within few years and selling it with a good profit. Last week I got another call from an interested investor so I am very happy of what I have achieved in a short period of time.

You have a background in fashion design, can you tell us more about it?

I have a Master of Arts in Fashion. The past 7 years I worked as an Art Director for two Finnish companies. I organized photoshoots, campaigns, designed web pages and graphics and I still have clients in Finland to whom I design all kinds of visuals through my other company (Tea Latvala Design.)

What do you find is the most challenging thing when it comes to designing adult toys?

Well, it’s all very challenging. I work with materials, sizes, shapes and safety but it always comes down to people you design them for. The most challenging is to get the message through to the customer.

Näyttökuva 2016-02-20 kello 11.20.09

What are the benefits of using wooden materials? And what wood types are you using?

Wood lasts a lifetime if kept well. I use several different wood types such as Rosewood, Ash Tree, Nut Tree, Wenge, Rubber Tree, Finnish Birch etc. All wood types have their own special spirit.

What is the most common misconception that you’ve had to debunk time and again while promoting your wooden designs?

Are there splinters? OF COURSE NOT! They are finished with organic varnish.

The wooden designs are beautiful and elegant and if you’d see one on a table you wouldn’t even necessarily think of a sex toy, you’d just think of an art object. I assume that was a goal of yours, to create a product you wouldn’t need to hide, a product that can be easily used as an interior design element as well as something to pleasure yourself with?

Exactly the point. I am happy you got the essential heart and idea of the brand right there. You know what you are talking about. (smiles)

The product descriptions on your website are very tongue-in-cheek. Is it one of the ways you are trying to express that sex should be fun?

Yes. In general I think sex is fun and straight-forward. Sex should be approached responsibly but there should be a humorous twist to it.

What sizes do the design come in? Some of the designs seem quite large. Is that how you wanted them or does the manufacturing process affect it as well? I also need to pop the age old question: does size matter?

The wooden pieces come in 2 sizes – the bigger is 27 cm (10,6 inches) in lenght and the smaller is 20 cm (7,9 inches) and the shape is designed in a way that there is always the narrow and the thicker end. So although it might look big it is easily approachable. Size has nothing to do with the general quality of lovemaking, however for some larger items cause more pleasure.

What does Teatiamo designs have that others don’t?

Elegance, harmony and life-lasting quality.

Where did the shape of the design originated?

I just started drawing random shapes. So it came out of my pen. (smiles)

You’ve already taken part in fairs in Finland and Teatiamo designs have been showcased in a gallery in Miami. You’ve also started a fundraising campaign with INDIEGOGO. Is there a difference in the way people react to your products, depending on location?

Yes, there is a big difference. Every single person I have talked about TEATIAMO here is very excited and interested, and cheerful. They see the potential and the opportunity and they are very positive. Let’s leave it at that. (smiles)

What would you like to say to those who are still virgins when it comes to adult toys? Perhaps someone who would like to try one of your products but is still hesitating?

We are all born equal but different. Adult toys aren’t for everyone. I would recommend to start with a small Mister Rosewood. If you end up not using it – it is still a beautiful piece of art.

Do you have a design philosophy that you would like to share?

Keep the shape simple but the mind full. Meaning that the thought behind the design can be very tricky, complex, exciting etc. but when you are able to combine that with a beautiful timeless shape, that is when the magic happens. My other one is a quote from a Finnish poet Tommy Tabermann: ”paint yourself a paradise and step into it.”

Who would you say are your main customers, based on the experience so far? And who would you like to attract more?

At the moment it is 50/50 male and female. I always want to spread the message of equality.

Are the wooden designs made of one piece of wood? How is the actual process of manufacturing one?

It is a secret method just like a recipe… (laughs). Every single piece is handcrafted in Finland by a very talented craftsman. One item is made of one piece of wood, which is suitable for a specific shape. Not all wood qualities suit the shape.

You are trying to find Amy Schumer. Why in your opinion would she be the best spokesperson for your designs?

She speaks openly about sexuality which I find both fun and liberating, like my brand. She is the best spokesperson for it.

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Miami Calls These Balls

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”It’s better to create something that others criticise than to create nothing and criticise others.”

The year 2016 will be totally different than any other year before. I will be running two companies actually. Tea Latvala Design is a sole trader company which focuses on visual design and consulting. TEATIAMO Industries Co is a joint-stock corporation which has its focus on designing, producing and selling design sex toys as well as lingerie. Next year will be pretty exciting in so many ways. I’ll be acting as CEO in both.

15th of January this lady is dragging her business across the globe and landing in Miami Florida. Those three months in Miami will give some guidelines on future products, sales and international markets in general. Miami calls these balls and I’ll keep you guys informed. At least I will post pictures of me and my friends having those fat Mojitos by the pool side.